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Lincoln Town Car Lincoln Town Car
3 to 4 passenger sedan.
Mercedes Sedan Mercedes Sedan
3 to 4 passenger luxury sedan.
Escalade Limo Escalade Limo
Seating between 10 to 20 passengers.
Hummer Limo Hummer Limo
Seating between 10 to 20 passengers.
Lincoln Limo Lincoln Limo
Seating between 10 to 20 passengers.
Suburban SUV Suburban SUV
SUVs use maximum capacity to seat up to 7 passengers.
Mini Coach Mini Coach
Transporting large groups of people.
Motor Coach Motor Coach
Transporting large groups of people.
Van Van
Transporting large groups of people.

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Transportation - Terms & Conditions

Mecca Hospitality D.B.A. Mecca Limousines and chartering party make all agreements.

The cost of the transportation of choice is based on the services detailed in the contract provided and is subject to change based on actual usage.

Website rates are subject to change without notice. It is the chartering party's responsibility to confirm the rates with a Mecca representative prior to signing a contract.

Cancellation Policy
Charters cancelled within less than 14 days notice of program date will result in forfeiture of deposits. The chartering party is responsible for full payment of charters cancelled within seven days or less of departure. Cancellations must be requested in writing and sent via certified mail to:

Mecca Hospitality, Inc.
P.O. Box 453424, Miami, FL 33245

Customers reserving a vehicle within the 14-day cancellation period will be subject to the cancellation policies on the contract.

The chartering party is responsible for any damage to the interior of the vehicle caused by the chartering contractor or one of their guests.

The chartering party will be responsible for up to $200.00 in clean-up fees in the event that a passenger becomes sick and purges within the vehicle.

The chartering party is responsible for all due dates including: itineraries, deposits and full payments. Due dates not honored become grounds for cancellation of the charter by the carrier.

The chartering party is responsible for all charges on the signed contract, including 20% gratuity and 10% STC fees.

A fuel charge of up to 10% is added onto all jobs orders, and is based on the transportation of choice.

Additional charges associated with the charter such as parking, tolls, airport and seaport surcharges, meet and greet fees for groups, and pro-rated hours not included in the estimated cost on the contract will be billed to the chartering party after all services have been rendered. Overtime hours will be billed in full-hour increments.

Payments via check must be paid in full to Mecca Hospitality Inc. five business days prior to the charter.

Payments via wire transfers are subject to a $25.00 service fee and will be applied to the final bill.

A credit card number is required for any additional charges accrued. Mecca Hospitality, Inc. requires a front and back copy of the responsible party chartering the vehicle, in addition to a copy of the cardholder's driver's license.

The cost of transportation of choice reflects a 5% discount for checks, wire transfer, or cash payments.

Mecca Hospitality accounts have 15 days from receiving the invoice to pay the balance. A late payment finance charge will be posted on all past due accounts at 1.5% per month, which is an annual percentage rate of 18 percent. Failure to pay the balance on account will result in collections by suit or otherwise. All collections costs, including attorney's fees as may be adjudged reasonable by court, will be due and paid.

No firearms, knives, or weapons of any kind are permitted on-board. No illegal drug use of any kind will be permitted on-board.

Depending on the vehicle, use of alcohol is prohibited on-board. In cases where our vehicles have a complimentary bar, no alcohol must be consumed by anyone less than 21 years of age.

Tobacco products are also prohibited on-board any of our vehicles. $100.00 is charged per incident with no exceptions. If damage is in excess of $100.00, the chartering party is responsible for full payment of the damage.

All unruly passengers will be dropped off at the sole discretion of the driver and no refunds will be issued.

The customer agrees that a replacement vehicle may be substituted in the event of any major mechanical issues or accident to the vehicle being chartered.

Mecca Limo, D.B.A. Mecca Hospitality reserves the right to lease equipment from other companies in order to fulfill this agreement.

Mecca Limo, D.B.A. Mecca Hospitality reserves the right to use assigned vehicles for multiple charters and customers on the same day, unless the vehicle has been chartered by a customer for a full day.

Mecca Limo, D.B.A. Mecca Hospitality shall not be held liable for loss of time or revenue due to mechanical failure or inclement weather.

Mecca Limo, D.B.A. Mecca Hospitality shall not be held liable for items left on the vehicle or their return or expenses related to their return or replacement.